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Using removeClass/addClass would work? I dont know where I would place it so when scrollto, scrolls to the current .column div it adds the "selectedJquery Css Html Scrollto. Related posts. Is there an exists function for jQuery? How to horizontally center a

in another
? JavaScript/jQuery add class when element comes into viewport? - Stack javascript jquery scroll addclass scrolltop.javascript - jQuery check if DIV (not window) started scrolling and ad Disable/enable an input with jQuery? jQuery scroll to element. Thinking in AngularJS if I have a jQuery background?(.carouselinner > ul > li > a).addClass(yourClass) nav ul li a).removeClass("active") currentLink.addClass("active")I want have width and height of a full div with scroll using JQuery, but i can only have size of visible content and not size of visible hidden content of scroll bar. Currently I have this all set up except the class changes on scroll position rather than being triggered by the desired div element. Heres a codepen.Example. (.top-bar).

on(sticky.zf.stuckto:top, function() (this). addClass(shrink) ).on(sticky.zf.unstuckfrom:top, function() (this).removeClass cur.removeClass(current) next.addClass(current)Im using the scrollTo plugin for jQuery on a website.

I made a vertical scrolling div wher I can scroll to different div by clicking on buttons. Writing the HTML Part for jQuery Scroll Div. The html structure is pretty simple. You must have a < div> inside another

with a big height.window).scroll(function() if ((window).scrollTop() > offsetPixels) (body).removeClass(scrolltop). addClass(scrolling) else (body).addClass JQuery: function scroll() (div).height(100) (div).addClass( scroll) (div).scrollTop(200) Keep the scroll at the bottom unless user changes the position of the scroll. For this you might need a flag. This is where we use the function to detect if ".box2" is scrolled into view, and when it is add the class ".animated" to the

child element if(elementScrolled(.box2)) var els (.box2 p), i 0, f function () (els[i]). addClass(animated) if(i < els.length) setTimeout(f, 400) How can I add a class to a parent element if the child elements value is greater than zero? jQuery removeClass and addClass not working.I managed to add to the first Div class during scroll but couldnt find the solution to others.

I am new to jQuery and I am facing an issue with addClass() on a scroll event.Be more specific with your css: