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Tags: javascript function return undefined.I am sure I am doing this all kinds of wrong, but I have the following function returning undefined in the console even though it can console.log() the wanted values from the same place in the function as commented in the code. d3.js Javascript function returns undefined? function getThings(code) / Without an explicit return, a function always evaluates.However, because the getThings doesnt have a return statement, then it will always yield undefined when invoked. My Javascript function returns undefined while it alert correct within the function. On my 1st controller i am calling like this. I keep getting undefined returned for this function in a consolejavascript, function, syntax, idioms. The difference is that functionOne is defined at run-time, whereas functionTwo is defined at parse-time for a script block. How do you check if a value is undefined in JavaScript? just as well use 1 or function() . void(anything) will always evaluate to undefined . not have been re-assigned var undefined void(0) return value undefined 5 Java Script Function Returning Undefined 06/12/2012 Java script function returning undefined to show the var that is set to what the function returns it says undefined. Copyright © 2018.