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Bootstrap Themes. BS Templates BS Theme "Simply Me" BS Theme "Company" BS Theme "Band".Use the classes below to style any table Step 2 : table collapse. You must use the bootstrap the doc with only data-target and collapse.COLLAPSABLE TABLE. Pro : defaut bootstrap CSS style. Con : its a hack, performance issues, code duplication. In the table tutorial of Bootstrap, I showed how you can create simple tables by using Bootstrap built-in classes. In this tutorial, a plug-in is used for creating dataSee online demo and code. For that, I just added background color for each odd row in the < style> section using the .table-striped class Обновление : есть также таблица -defaultsortdisabled])cursor:pointerposition:relativetop:0left:0table.sortable thead th:hover:not([data -defaultsortdisabled])background:efefeftable.sortable thead th div.mozilla jQuery Plugin For Bootstrap Based Data Table - Bootstrapphp - DataTables: example working but datatable notApplying styles to tables with Twitter Bootstrap - Stack Using the Bootstrap Table is a simple way to design an elegant table. It is easy to make, it has style, it is mobile responsive and it is used for a wide palette of practical applications.In its essence, a bootstrap table its a great way to show data. Bootstrap DataTable. A Pen By Tony Montemorano Pro.

FixedColumns styles /. div.DTFCLeftHeadWrapper table, div.DTFCLeftFootWrapper table, table.DTFCCloned tr.even background-color: white Vue Tables. Users of VueJs 2 please use this package instead. This Vue package offers an easy and intuitive way of displaying Bootstrap-styled grids with data coming either from the client or from the server. "Bootstrap styling for Datatable" Bootstrap 3.3.0 Snippet by mohsinirshad. 3.

3.0 jQuery table"top" data-toggle"tooltip" title"Edit">