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The rules are similar to those for spousal benefits described above, with two notable exceptions. First, your divorced spouse can begin receiving benefits even before you have begun receiving benefits yourself.Married Couples Can Maximize Their Social Security Benefits Using File and Suspend. To get ex-spousal benefits while your former spouse is alive, you have to be single, says Andy Landis, author of Social Security: The Inside Story. So you cant get ex-spousal benefits right now, while youre married. Marriage. Whether you can still claim Social Security benefits as a divorced spouse depends on a number of factors, including how long you were married. How will marriage affect my benefits? Not all Social Security benefits provide the same assistance.If you qualify for SSDI benefits based on your own record, getting married does not affect your benefits in any way. This is true regardless of your spouses income or disability status. Previously, married couples could use the file and suspend rule that permitted one spouse (typically the higher-earning spouse) to claim his or her social security benefit at age 66, and then immediately suspend it, allowing the other member of the couple to file for a spousal benefit. Marriage. Whether you can still claim Social Security benefits as a divorced spouse depends on a number of factors, including how long you were married.However, you can begin Social Security benefits, including ex-spousal benefits, as early as age 62, but the benefits will be sharply reduced This is an advantage in the Social Security record of a spouse before who qualified for benefits. Qualifying widow (er ) s are those who have been married for at least nine months before death (that is canceled if the death was due to an accident or military service) Spousal benefits allow a husband or wife to receive up to 50 percent of a spouses Social Security benefits.If youre divorced and were married at least 10 years, youre eligible to receive half of your spouses benefits, Thornton says. Under the Social Security program, a divorced spouse must have been married to the worker for at least 10 years to qualify for spousal and survivor benefits based on the workers record, as discussed above. However, even though Jane is married again, Bill can still claim the value hed receive based on Janes benefits if it were higher than his own.

In fact, a former spouse may file for spousal benefits and the Social Security administration will not notify the individual. Spousal benefits under Social Security help protect both husband and wives from the loss of income associated with the death of the main earner in aIf both you and your spouse live to retirement age and have been married at least nine months, you can collect early benefits on your spouses record 2. Understand the Spousal Benefit for married couples. The spousal benefit entitles a person to earn a social security benefit worth at least half as much as her spouses benefit is worth. Lets look at another hypothetical couple. Upon the death of a spouse, you are eligible for a Social Security survivor benefit as long as you have been married for at least nine months. (This length of marriage requirement is waived if you are caring for a child of the deceased spouse who is under the age of 16.) Both social security retirement benefits and social security disability benefits can be the basis for derived benefits for the dependent spouse.There are several caveats to this basic rule. First, the party seeking their spouses benefits must be single, either not having married after the divorce or As a spouse, you can claim a Social Security benefit based on your own earnings record, or collect a spousal benefit in the amount of 50 percent of your husbands Social SecurityHowever, there are a few eligibility requirements: You must have been married to your ex-husband for at least 10 years. Your spousal Social Security benefits may be taxable, depending on your total household income for the year.If you are married and filing jointly, you must include your spouses total income even if she has deferred her own benefit payments to accrue delayed retirement credits. Common law spouses and former common law spouses can be eligible for Social Security benefits (dependents and survivors benefits) based on their husbands or wifes earnings record, if their states common law marriage requirements are met. Your ex-spouse is entitled to Social Security retirement or disability benefits and.If you are eligible for retirement benefits on your own record and divorced spouses benefits, we will pay the retirement benefit first. Most people file before they can receive their maximum Social Security benefits.

Here are the basics of spousal benefits: Those who were married for at least 10 consecutive years can claim either their own benefits based on their earnings — or half of the former spouses benefits, whichever is (MoneyWatch) Married couples seeking to maximize their Social Security income will need to pull off an intricate foxtrot through a thicket of bewildering rules.Youll want to find out which income is higher for your spouse: the benefit based on their own earnings or the actual "Spousal Benefit," which is One of the benefits of being married is the ability to share your spouses Social Security benefits.Wives who are caring for a dependent child who is receiving Social Security can receive the spousal benefits no matter what age she is. These benefits are available to divorced spouses who were married for at least ten years. Eligibility for Divorced Spouses Survivors Benefit.If You Are Eligible for Social Security Benefits Under Your Own Record. You may start collecting Social Security retirement benefits as early as age 62.If youre married, divorced or widowed you may also be able to claim a " spousal" or "survivor" benefit based on the work records of your spouses and exes, whether they are alive or dead. Chapter One explains the basics of Social Security retirement benefits— married couples should pay particular attention to how spousal benefits and survivor benefits work. Remembering that the higher Social Security benefit continues when the first spouse dies. While aspects of social security benefits can be complex for individuals, the matter often gets more complicated for married couples.In order to be eligible to claim a spousal benefit, the higher earning spouse must already be collecting on benefits. If a spousal benefit is being collected and In general, the primary factors that determine when married people should take Social Security are the same as those for determining when unmarriedVia a restricted application, its often possible to have one spouse receive spousal benefits for the years between full retirement age and age 70 The answer to What spousal benefits does Social Security provide? may depend upon when you request these benefits. If youre married, its important to consider the potential for a spouse to live many years into the future if youre considering early retirement. Unlike a currently married spouse, a former spouse may qualify for spousal benefits even if the breadwinner hasnt filed for Social Security benefits. In such a case, however, the breadwinner must be eligible for benefits, even if he or she hasnt yet claimed them Can a person receive Social Security Spousal Benefits if the spouse is 62 and their partner is younger?The survivor spouse had been receiving the social security benefit as survivor even after she got remarried. Is eligible to receive the benefit even after she re married? If you were married to your former spouse for at least 10 years, and you are not eligible for a higher Social Security benefit on your own record, you may be eligible for benefits on your ex- spouses record at age 62. What are Social Security spousal benefits? There is a special rule in the Social Security program that is designed to provide additional retirement income to married couples where one spouse either didnt work, or earned comparatively little throughout their lifetime. Millions of individuals and married couples receive billions in monthly Social Security benefits each year.A spouse who hasnt worked enough to her own Social Security receives half of the amount her spouse receives as an additional spousal benefit. Claiming Social Security retirement spousal benefits used to be a complex matter for many married couples.When Both Spouses Delay Claiming of Social Security Retirement Spousal Benefits. Social Security pays benefits to spouses, divorced spouses and surviving spouses of workers whether or not they have worked long enough to get benefits from their own work.What if you only recently married before your spouse filed for retirement or disability benefits? Even when ex-partner(s) are getting a spousal benefit, her present spouse can also get full spousal benefits.As all these examples show that the spousal benefit is important for almost everyone who is married (or has been married) if they want to maximize their return from their Social Security And if either spouse in a married couple worked for wages, or was self-employed and paid taxes, then both of them are likely eligible for some type of Social Security benefits. A change in Social Security rules regarding a restricted application also applies to ex- spouse benefits for anyone born on or after January 2, 1954.When looking at the numbers, first realize that a spousal benefit, whether youre married or divorced, is at most 50 percent of the spouses FRA The perks of marriage. Uncle Sam gives every married couple a beautiful wedding gift — the ability to share each others Social Security benefits. Even if youve never worked a day in your life, you can collect a portion of your gainfully employed spouses benefits. Social Security Administration has Social Security Calculator to determine the amount of social security benefits.What are Social Security Spousal Benefits if an American expat is married to a foreign spouse? Spousal benefits and survivors benefits are two examples that are important for married couples to be aware of.Social Security spousal benefits allow one spouse to draw a benefit based on the earnings record of their current spouse, or in some cases a divorced ex-spouse. He must include 85 of his social security benefits in his taxable income because he is married filing separately and lived with his spouse during 2017.

See How Much Is Taxable, earlier. If youre married, as you probably know, you may be entitled to Social Security spousal benefits even if you never contributed to Social Security yourself. Your spousal benefits are actually equal to up to 50 of your spouses primary insurance amount at your full retirement age. Unlimited marital tax deduction is the biggest tax benefit a married couple can receive, Blank Rome LLP matrimonial lawyer and partner Dylan S. Mitchell says.If either you or your spouse dont qualify for your own Social Security benefits, you can receive the other spouses benefits. Unlike a 401K or IRA social security benefits are never split. But there still is a benefit to the non-working spouse.In this instance, while married, Martha would receive a spousal benefit of approximately 603.30. Social Security Benefits Following Divorce. Will surviving same-sex spouses be eligible to receive spousal benefits if the wage earner spouse passed away while living in a non-recognition state before the Supreme Courts marriage ruling? Will we be eligible for Social Security spousal benefits as soon as we get married? Can I file for spousal benefits if my spouse isnt receiving Social Security?Can same-sex married spouses receive spousal benefits? The Supreme Court issued a landmark decision in 2015 that same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marriage. In Social Security Spousal Benefits Simplified?, we covered this strategy.For a married spouse, if hes collecting benefits before FRA and hes getting a spousal benefit, he must consider the earnings of both spouses in the EET. All about Social Security Spouse Benefits Married Couple at Social Security Benefits. First, Social Security provides spouse benefits to people who have neither been married to workers over any significant period of contribution nor built up any significant financial dependence on their spouses earnings by the point of eligibility determination. Im told that as a divorced woman, I might qualify for Social Security benefits on the work record of my ex-spouse.The benefit is similar, in fact, to the spousal benefit that is available to a person who is still married. Basically, there are two sets of rules that determine whether you qualify.

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