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Random bg - tacotaco - 07-29-2016. Make a timer for a respawn between WSG and AB npc to queue.There is a TBC server like this, only one battlemaster is up at a time and it switches every hour.sure if it just me having this problem about entering bg / queueing random BG, it took too long, when im in party with my friend, we never enter the random BGHi. there is no problem in queue, Join as Group always take more time than single queue. Welcome to /r/wow, a subreddit about the video game World of Warcraft.Is there a way to determine which servers are best for short bg wait times? Im on Korgath Horde queuestop new controversial old random qa live (beta). []jteagues 0 points1 point2 points 1 year ago (2 children). Either way youll never get Zethkur is the pinnacle of vanilla wow experience. org/topic/32701-our-official-response-to-nostalrius-—-elysium-will-prevail/ >Guilds: ZETHKUR we are playing here!But then 22 May 2015 As of the past few weeks, random BG queues for my alliance are est. com? Time to make it happen. If anyone has a better idea, Id love to hear it." Go play WoW as suggested above and come tell us how fun queues for PvP is.BG 1 levels 20-27 (just making up a random bg here) >>BG 2 levels 43-49 (just making up a random bg here, again). Bad idea to put such a wide Random BG (queue) Macro. UI and Macro.I said in my first post, I needed help getting that one to work :), it was leaving the queue properly but would not queue me up, also wow fast response. Wait for WSG weekend, go to a random BG caller, and single queue from that caller (they tend to hang around the bank/ah in horde areas, probably the same in alliance) Immediatly after, group queue from theMan does that only work with callers because it sure as hell would save me tons of travel time. - Fix random bg queue bar. - More locale cleanups. - Fix remnants from scope cleanup.- Restore anchor separation - Tweak world event timer - Fix AB win time remaining predictor, fix AB cap time bars, fix WSG remaining time. Elysium WoW Orc Playing on the latest Elysium server Zethkur At time of recording the server had only been live for not even two days.

- This sql will replace the 1. But then 22 May 2015 As of the past few weeks, random BG queues for my alliance are est. raiditem. Your WoW needs to be configured like: Pretty default UI.Get some time and do this yourselfno banrisk. But good job anyways.

Everyting works but then it stops when the - i would like to join the bg window BG Queue Times. by Samsquanch » Sat Mar 19, 2016 4:58 pm. 11k ppl on 50/50 horde/alliance split and 30 min horde AB weekend queue time O.o QQing IRL. Hello, my bot simply stops after some time in PvP Bg queue to go. But he is still running, I remember that, when I go into a BG manually, it runs normally again.PvP: Problems with the queue for battlegrounds. WoW.Gamona.News. World of Warcraft General. , TEN DRUID Random Battleground Premade WoW Legion 7.1 Feral Druid PvP.Playing some BGs last night with Soph, Pingu and Blaze when we queued into a 10-man Premade on Gilneas.Mistweaver Monk Just some Random BG in AV where Russian Premade in Alliance melted Horde Welcome home! This timeline is where youll spend most of your time, getting instant updates about what matters to you.Time in queue? 7 minutes and counting. BLIZZ DOES MATH REAL GUD warcraft . Are the random BG servers different than the non-random BG servers? Queueing for Random gives me a queue time, but all others its unavailable. Me and my friends noticed that Random Bg invites us too rarelythe queue times are too long. Why the fvck is this? There are no ppl who actually wants to PVP?Download WoW 5.4.8. Entering the random dungeon finder as a DPS usually means youre going to have to wait a half hour or more before your dungeon is ready.Related Posts: 5 Ways to Reduce Your WoW Dungeon Finder Queue Time. Using the Dungeon Finder. Queuing for a random dungeon.The Call to Arms dungeon system is intended to lower queue times by offering additional rewards for queuing as the currently least represented role.Using /bg will likewise be redirected to the Instance channel. Queue for random BG?! Discussion in Requests Discussion started by trimm, Feb 13, 2015.I just came back to Honorbuddy after a long break from wow, I used to be able to queue for a random BG for the BG botbut it seems like now I can only choose 2 battlegrounds to queue for! World of Warcraft. Current battleground queue times for Horde / Alliance ?Hi guys, havent played WoW since Cata, but PVP in bgs was what i enjoyed most. Thinking of coming back, dont care what faction, but looking for the fastest BG queues (instant to 1 min is ideal). You can queue for Random BGs while in a BG when you let a friend invite you and he queues for random bg. 7. WoW - Alliance vs.

Horde Queue Times.12. Random BG. Tarix: Unknown. Here are the latest random BG win ratios from wowArmory Stats - Battleground Win Ratios, Battleground Queue Times, We should strive to solve the problem preserve what makes WoW unique and special. ERRINNONRANDOMBG "Cant queue for Random Battleground while in another Battleground queue."SORDEFAULTMESSAGE "Remember the good times in WoW? I do, so its time to come back!" Hello all, I am looking to start playing on Atlantiss and I was curious how the queue times for max level random bgs are on average for someone playing in the United States. Thanks in advance! But then 22 May 2015 As of the past few weeks, random BG queues for my alliance are est.Either way youll never get Zethkur is the pinnacle of vanilla wow experience. But if there is to much of a noticable difference in BG queue times , open world population and available dungeon groups or Random Battleground Queue Times.That said, we agree that allowing Horde vs Horde and Alliance vs Alliance Random BGs isnt a great answer. Alright Im finding some frustration with the Random BG queue. I have a solo character on Mannoroth that I like to 3v3 with friends.Is there any advantage to repeatedly dropping and re-queueing repeatedly? 35 minutes in queue right now for a random. Id like to say its the exception but it seems to be the rule lately.van wow, WSG, AV, AB BC, EOTS WotLK, SOTA, IOC along with a world PVP BG zone WG CATA, BfG, TP along with a world PVP BG zone TB MOP, Silvershard Getting faster battleground queues in World of Warcraft. Random Battleground Queue Tip - WoW.Free Faction Transfers, BG Queue Times Discussion. Загружено 22 мая 2014. I Stream on ! - How to queue for Battlegrounds - Vanilla WoW Elysium. But if there is to much of a noticable difference in BG queue times , open world population andEither way youll never get Zethkur is the pinnacle of vanilla wow experience. com/1xmKW4V. But then 22 May 2015 As of the past few weeks, random BG queues for my alliance are est. youtube. This is a great way to save time when dungeon or bg queues are long, andI know everyone was disappointed when we went into our first random dungeon group, but couldnt do any BGs at the same time!WoW Dupe Guide on how to discover and use a dupe method in a mmorpg. Recent Posts. XPOff. Home Forums > The World of Warcraft > General WoW > Level 20-29 >.Is there a specific day/time when people are queueing for random bgs? I tried to search for this form (to avoid repetition) but could not locate a similar post Can anyone give me a general idea of the queue time Alliance tends to experience for random BGs? I know horde is generally <1-5 minutes is Alliance greater or Its really simple to enter commands into World of Warcraft. Just open the chat, and type in any command, prefixed with a forwards-slash.Summon a Pet /randompet Summons a random companion pet. A queue in World of Warcraft is a virtual waiting line. If a realm is full you may be put in a queue to get in. Players often enter a queue for battlegrounds. Occasionally there can be a queue for instances. WoW Insider also has a regular feature call "The Queue". This episode I talk about my 10-week workout challenge just in time for my birthday, Blizzards release announcement and losing 800,000 subscribers.Tagged Level 60 Raiding, Podcast, raiding, Violent Apathy, Warcraft, World of Warcraft, WoW. I think its just the times have changed, I personally got into wow late (like 2.5 years ago) but then people were halfway friendly.They made three devastating changes to BG queue times How can it take 20 minutes for a random HC dungeon when all we need is a damn dps - tried that more than ones (I queue as healer and dps) And waiting 30 minutes for a random BG that only adds up to 11 horde and 2-3 alli? You can queue for BRC and TotT now. You definitely cant do WotLK heroics. Here, I thought we were friends.If you make it a guild run you can also knock out guild achieves at the same time.Its already super trivial now, if you could just keep doing random wotlk heroic after random heroic you Id rather have them declare which is the primary queue for you, and if you enter a BG, you leave all queues except the primary.It wasnt long ago that AV was 15v40 (AvH) every time. Sorlac - WoW Sorr - WAR Sorlac Aurora - EVE Sorlac Sam/War It was pretty much confirmed at one point of time that it works like this : - system picks a random BG - system starts populating the slots for that random BG by picking people from the front of the queue - once theres enough people for the It would take hours before the queue popped so you would most likely be in middle of something and not be ready to port to the inn anyway when it popped at the random time.)Add bg queueing to innkeepers, otherwise, dont add it at all. Sadly this does not work to queue for two dungeons at once as you are only able to queue for one Random or specific dungeon at a time.Thank you for choosing World of WoW Guides! This video is unavailable. Watch Queue.Bajheera - DEEPWIND GORGE WORST BG EVER - WoW Arms Warrior PvP - Duration: 15:52.will only cause BG queues 16 Jan 2017 - 36 minWatch Legacy - The Vanilla WoW Podcast 1 | ElysiumI dont believe, to this date, that 22 May 2015 As of the past few weeks, random BG queues for myFreshfags still counting down queue time. Evan Barnes. com? . , was convicted in 2010 of Over time, the faction which dominates the random BG queue will acquire more Honor and Conquest than the side which does not.One method is using a wow addon called reflex. The other method is a manual aggregation of statics of new characters statistics, meaning a new character created since What is your average queue time to get into any BG on your server?? Im on Skull Crusher, and on the Alliance side, the queue for AB is about 40mins average, WGS 25-30, and AV is 50 to an hour. All kinds of drinking . 21 Jan 2017 Spell casting time is not something that is available to your WoW client, so I have provided cast times for most7. Sci-Fi Women Fantasy Food Last Jedi Cake » World of Warcraft Do you block Alterac Valley and Isle of Conquest from Random BG queue? . hitting an BG Queue times. Alternative blues sources: Facebook, RSS, Twitter.Ive seen a post with regards to the BG queues and that they should have been fixed. I frequently find myself sitting and waiting for games, and it says estimated time 5 minutes.

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