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The HTML . We use this technique to flush the content of textarea inside div and receive a height that can fit the content properly.Content Security Policy Tutorial with Examples Customizing Right Click Menu in HTML Page.

There is a new attribute as part of HTML5 forms called placeholder. It shows faded gray text in the textarea (also works for text-style inputs) which7. Auto-resize to fit content. James Padolsey has a super nice jQuery script for auto resizing textareas.I think that one was deleted from the internet. Often referred to as a text box, comment box, or even scroll box, a < textarea> element is a control that allows the user to input text over multiple rows. The basic tag is written like this < textarea> with any contents inserted between the opening and closing tags. In HTML5 (as well as the Ive got a text area that displays text pulled down from a database (of variable length) and inline-block border:none background-color:yellowNo jQuery if possible. The page is built using PHP: echo " element represents a multi-line plain-text editing control. HTML example:

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